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Initial 15-Minute Phone Call

No-obligation, 15-minute phone call to help determine if we are a good fit for one another.

First Meeting: Values

We will discuss your attitudes and experiences with money, including:

  • What is the purpose of your money? How do you anticipate using your money down the road?
  • If you could look ahead three years from now, what would you have to accomplish financially for you to be satisfied?
  • Tell us about a time when you made a really good financial decision and tell us about a time when you made a financial decision you wish you could undo.

We will also share with you our wealth planning and investment philosophy and clearly spell out the cost to work with us and the value you will receive.

After this meeting, we will ask you to complete our Data Gathering Questionnaire.

Second Meeting: Data Gathering

We will review your values and the purpose of your money, which will help us identify your financial goals and expectations.

We ask that you bring your completed Data Gathering Questionnaire, investment statements, prior year tax return, and any other relevant financial documents to this meeting. This will help us lay the groundwork to create your financial plan.

After this meeting, we will ask you to complete our Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.

Third Meeting: Financial Plan

After discussing the assumptions and inputs used in your financial plan, we will review your financial goals and interactively deliver your plan while exploring various “What-if” scenarios.

Fourth Meeting: Recommendations

We will present to you our final recommendations along with a hard copy of your financial plan. In addition, we will discuss funding your financial plan and explore investment portfolios to help you pursue your financial goals.


We help you stick with your financial plan through life's ups and downs. Through biannual review meetings in the spring and fall, we update your financial plan as the circumstances in your life change. Our objective is to help you obtain the best probability of success in pursuing your financial goals.

Thank you for you for considering Platania Financial to be your financial partner.

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