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Weathering The Storm

December 04, 2019


According to my good friend Wikipedia, last Saturday officially marked the end of hurricane season on the east coast, which typically takes place between June 1st and November 30th each year.

2019 was a particularly rough year for hurricanes on the Atlantic coast.  Hurricanes can appear with little notice and have an uncertain path; they zig and zag at will.  For residents, it’s a way of life living in the possible path of catastrophic storms, but they’ve learned to be prepared.  



Emotions can run high with the uncertainty of an unpredictable hurricane.  One might equate it to investing in a declining stock market while media pundits and investment strategists predict the worst of possible outcomesHowever, the storm often passes.   

Let’s prepare – mentally and emotionally – to have a plan in place designed to help us best deal with the ups and downs that life throws at us.  It’s likely we will all have highs and lows at one time or another; it’s part of life on the Atlantic coast and in the markets.  While uncertainty can make us emotional, expect the unexpected and be ready for when things get choppy.