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My Stroll Down Wall Street

September 24, 2019


I've always been interested in history and investing. So when I found myself in NYC for a due diligence meeting last week, I had to visit the place that best embodies both: Wall Street.

A lot of our nation's history took place at the intersection of Broad and Wall in lower Manhattan. It's where George Washington was inaugurated, Congress and the Supreme Court were formed, and the Bill of Rights was first enacted. And it's home to the New York Stock Exchange, which has seen its fair share of both panic and euphoria over the years. More fortunes have been made and lost on these streets than one can imagine.

I had just wrapped up a long day and was staying at a hotel nearby, so I decided to head to Wall Street for a late night tour. Quiet and calm at night, it felt surreal given the hustle-and-bustle commonly associated with the financial hub of the world. Seeing Federal Hall, the House of Morgan, and the NYSE up close was awesome and the highlight of my short trip to NYC.

For additional history and perspective, check out this gallery full of old Wall Street photos and stories. And who knows, maybe you'll take your own stroll down Wall Street some day!