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Unclaimed Financial Assets

September 24, 2020

Looking for missing property or unclaimed financial assets?

Unclaimed property/funds can include uncashed checks, inactive stocks, or checking/savings accounts that have been dormant or abandoned, etc. You may not even know money may be due you. You may want to look to see if you or your family appear. Here are a few websites to check.  The same unclaimed property may be listed on multiple sites.

  • Illinois – Go to ICASH.ILLINOISTREASURER.GOV, which is the official website run by the State of Illinois Treasurer’s Office. Once at the site, click the “get started” button to search by name.  
  • Other States – These are administered/endorsed by a national association to provide access to the State Treasurers’ websites.  Be sure to check all the states you have resided in. Here are a couple of these sites: 
    • UNCLAIMED.ORG  Hover over “Find and Claim” and a state map will appear.  Click on a state and be linked to that State Treasurer’s Office to continue the search. 
    • MISSINGMONEY.COM– Search by name and/or state. It looks as if not all states participate, but Canada does. 

If you do find cash is due you, the decision is yours as to whether or not to file a claim; it’s not mandatory.  Additional forms and/or additional information will probably be needed to file a claim.  Each website will list their own requirements to claim the property. 

These sites are continually updated, so check often.